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Hack and Slash system dungeon RPG:

  • Everyone likes very much, a turn-based battle system.
  • Characters are made from job which has 8 kinds and team is organized.
  • Player operates a party, fights monsters, and searches dungeons.
  • Convenient plain 2D dungeon, with an automatically filling map.
  • It's automatic for enemy who is an easy win.
  • Equipped items are remodeled and be arranging better equipment in order.
  • When equipped skill system is also combined strategically, there are infinite possibilities.

[The game outline] Dungeon RPG is repulsing the monster called a Evil Beast by combat system of turn system, and is RPG which searches depth in a dungeon. You make the character from 8 job by guild in the town, do team organization which consists of 4 people and challenge dungeon search. Various items are hidden in a treasure chest in a dungeon, and various Evil Beast obstruct where team goes. The equipment will be strengthened by an item for remodeling "Orb", and I'm making the team strong one after another by changing the occupation and increasing a skill. Utilize, and please aim at more than 300 kinds of item and more than 100 kinds of skill to deeper dungeon strategically. Strong character of boss and mechanism are in the dungeon. Being no things which will be overlooked, You'll even search every corner. [Story] Peaceful country "Jendum". Many craftsmen were working and were aiming at further development every day in a town. But there is a big problem with Jendum. That's existence of the huge wildlife which is called the "Evil Beast" who attacks people and wastes a town. Craftsmen in the town organized a guild and dispatched a search team to look for the cause from which a bad luck brute emerges.

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